• The 400 Series UAV is capable of rapid public safety or disaster response and surveillance. It is electric powered with up to a 40 minute flight duration depending on payload. The 420 is a fully autonomous system including take-off, waypoint tracking, and landing. Multiple payloads are interchangeable including HD video cameras, digital cameras, and stabilized EO and IR gimbaled cameras.

  • Also available in Flybarless option (430).

Product Configurations:

  • 420 config


FH-424 (FH-420 with TASE Camera)

420 Specifications

Height 28"
Length 53"
Empty Weight 17 lbs
Gross Weight 29 lbs
Useful Load* 12 lbs
Max Flight Duration 40 min
Max Airspeed 75 mph
Wind Limits 30 mph
Camera Options HD Video Camera, Digital Camera, EO and IR TASE Gimbal Cameras

*Useful load is equal to the difference between the gross weight and the empty weight of the aircraft (may be used for fuel, payload, batteries, etc.)