The FH-620 is an extremely affordable and fully autonomous Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Helicopter System developed for exceptional endurance and payload lift capacity. It is capable of flying in gusty winds while maintaining a extremely accurate vertical and horizontal position with landing accuracy of a few inches.

The FH-620 Series has an option of a standard heavy lift platform with a carberated 2 Cycle Engine or an Electronic Fuel Injected Heavy Fuel Engine.

The FH-620 HF option is powered by an Ultra Electronics DF70 twin cylinder 70cc heavy fuel 4-stroke engine, which provides exceptional power, low mass and low fuel consumption, providing the capability of performing missions of up to three hours in duration with up to 10kg (22lbs) of useful payload even at high elevations.

Fully qualified vibration isolated payloads include TASE EO/IR micro-gimbal cameras as well as a wide selection of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) cameras including High Definition (HD) Video Cameras, High Optical Zoom Cameras and HD Wide Angle Video Cameras. Options are available for on board recording as well as analog and digital TX/RX systems for remote video viewing.


FH-623 HF (FH-620 with Camera Option)

Product Configurations:

620 Specifications

Height 35"
Length 85"
Empty Weight 33 lbs
Gross Weight 55 lbs
Useful Load 22 lbs
Max Flight Duration 3 hours
Max Airspeed 75 mph
Wind Limits 30 mph
Camera Options HD Video Camera, Digital Camera, EO and IR TASE Gimbal Cameras

*Useful load is equal to the differenece between the gross weight and the empty weight of the aircraft (may be used for fuel, payload, batteries, etc.)