Proven History

U.S.-based company with thousands of flight and engineering hours invested in the development of UAS products.

The Beginning

First Fully Autonomous single rotor helicopter adapting software and control logic from the largest small Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Auto Pilot Company in the world.


Early Adopter

FHS was the first commercial customer of the Aerosonde, a fixed-wing, long-endurance UAS aircraft. FHS adapted the system for state and local emergency response missions following the tornado disaster in Greensburg, Kansas in 2007.



Purpose-built electric helicopter designed for endurance, durability, and full autonomous capability beyond line of site.



Founded the first Unmanned Aerial System Fixed and Rotary Wing Flight School in the United States partnering with Kansas State University.



First 2 cycle mixed gas motor full autonomous helicopter. Migrated to first fuel injected gas helicopter for higher altitude and reliability. Obtained the first 55 lb. single rotor Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Authorization to fly in the National Airspace System.



First adaptation of worlds smallest heavy fuel electronic fuel injection fixed wing motor to a 55 lb. single Rotor Helicopter. Designed for an endurance of 6 hours and altitudes of 8,000 feet with remote package delivery capabilities.



Market explosion of multi rotor helicopters primarily dominated by Chinese company DJI. FHS procured these systems, tested their endurance and capability in industrial applications and found them insufficient in meeting real time everyday requirements while representing a security risk to our Customers.


Enterprise Application Integration and Development
FHS 2.0

Integration with the enterprise drone software and sensor solution companies began in Q1 of 2020; FHS is currently developing the systems and control processes necessary to fully implement the next generation UAS for robust commercial and professional applications. We are working with commercial software partners to integrate with future products, in order to further provide value to our end users.


Fully Productized an Autonomous System 

Following two (2) decades of Research, Development and Testing, FHS offers a fully Autonomous System that has been adapted to 21 unique platforms (Fixed Wing, Helicopter, Gas, and Electric).  The FHS Autonomous System is platform agnostic and rapidly migratable to any air vehicle. 



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